Living It Up: Woman Invites Stripper To Her 100th Birthday Party

Doris Deahardie with stripper

This woman truly knows what YOLO is all about.

If you think that the standard for someone's 100th birthday should just involve cake, balloons, and gift opening then you are very wrong. After all, someone who's reached that age has seen it all so why tone things down? Instead, turn it up on the big 1-0-0 like this lady did — and invite a stripper over!

Doris Deahardie did just that and took the job of picking out the stripper into her own hands. The woman was celebrating her birthday with a helicopter ride because YOLO. Doris then came up with the idea to ask her helicopter pilot to be the performer at her shindig. He didn't end up doing it, but she found a real stripper who would.

Helicopter rides? Strippers? Doris should start event planning. We would run to her for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and even just call her over for a fun Saturday night. 

See what happened at the shocking party here: Sweet old lady hires stripper for her 100th birthday (video)