The Inspirational Video Every Woman Needs To See Today


Calling all women!

Yep, all of you. Every last little one of you needs to sit down for a moment and meet our latest lady-crush. We adore Jacki Zehner for many reasons, including her philanthropic work and promotion of women in the work place. The CEO of Women Moving Millions, Jacki radiates passion and kindness. She was the first female trader to become a partner at Goldman Sachs, where she remained until 2002, before branching off to advocate for women of all walks of life.

This video, produced by Porsche as part of their There Is No Substitute campaign, profiles Jacki Zehner in all her greatness. Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this clip and learn a thing or two about being a strong woman. You'll thank us.

Right? Now you understand why we love Jackie Zehner so much.

So, what can we absorb from this interview? One, be fearless in going after your goals. You don't end up in a position like Jacki's without taking some risks and following you passions. Two, show compassion for others. And three, embrace the things that make you, you. It is only by owning who you are that you can succeed as an authentic woman.