Puppy Love On Tinder: 11 Dogs We'd Swipe Right For In A Heartbeat

Tinder is no longer just about hookups. See some of the furry friends melting our heart.

Getting tired of only finding lame, creepy humans on Tinder?

Well now you can get matched with some awesome rescue dogs on Tinder if you're in the New York area! Social Tees Rescues made profiles for some of their dogs on the dating app. This will not only let potential dog owners view the rescues, but you can also set up a "date" to meet the dog!

We checked out some of these pooches on Tinder. Here are some of the furry friends making our heart melt.

This cute three-legged dog seems like he has some major cuddling potential.
How can you say no to this face?!
He got us with his pickup line, "your doghouse or mine?"
Hey, they say blondes have more fun.
Don't you just want to give this sad pooch a treat?
Who doesn't want to go on long walks on the beach with this one?
Salt and Pepper
These two are such a dynamic duo that they have a joint Tinder account!
Only 9 weeks old and she's single and ready to mingle!

Vilma Tinder dog profile

We wouldn't mind to get to know this shy little guy.
A dog and a poet! What a catch.
Washing Machine Dog
This little guy actually isn't a rescue. His owner used his picture for his own Tinder profile. We're sold.