8 Pearls Of Wisdom From (The Real) Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert
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Bravo, Colbert. Bravo.

Stephen Colbert filmed an advice video for Rookie Magazine — NOT in character.

It's the real him. In a flannel. Reading glasses on (and off). Dishing out some good 'ole fashioned fatherly advice love to four girls who wrote in their questions for Rookie's "Ask A Grown Man" series:

Colbert (the real him, that is) answered the girls' questions about boys, dating, sexual harrasment and dealing with parents like a pro!

How do I know if he likes me? How do I get him to like me? Why are boys rude? Why can't I sleep over at my boyfriend's house? Colbert has all the answers.

It's a little strange to see him out of his usual wacky character, but we kind of can't get enough of it!

Check out our Clif Notes of Stephen Colbert's fatherly advice below:

"[If a boy is being mean to you] I would say, 'Please don’t do that 'cause I really don't like it.'"

3. "[Your parents'] approval of a boyfriend is not the same thing as sort-of giving you a carte blanche in terms of approving a sexual relationship with [your boyfriend]."

4. "I would not waste my time with somebody who lies to you."
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"Kick him to the curb!"

6. "People show they like you in all kinds of different ways. Some basic ones are: they want to hear your stories, they care how you feel, they want to make your day better, they want to listen of your problems."

7. "Everybody wants to be loved."
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"One nice definition of love — I think — is that another person's happiness is more important than your own."
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