The Best Kind Of Selfie: 11 Times You Need To Take An 'Usie'


Here's why the group shot is the best selfie out there.

When Ellen Degeneres broke Twitter with the group photo she snapped at the Oscars, she probably didn't think she'd end up coining a term. The "Usie," which is pronounced "uss-ee," and rhymes with "hug me" (you're welcome Robin Thicke) refers to a photo that's taken with other people, but by someone in the photo. To put it simply, one expert described the "Usie" as being "more about the relationship, and less about you and your hair."

Still not sold on the "Usie?" Maybe these shots will convince you otherwise. See what "Usie" enthusiasts had to say about their favorite shots!

Do It For The Fans
"One night after I was done performing in the off-broadway show 'Naked Boys Singing,' these audience members found me in the subway station, and wanted to take a picture with me. How could I say no?" -Eric, 26
When You Meet A Celebrity
"When my co-workers and I met Kathie Lee we had to take an 'usie!'" -Katie, 25
On The Last Day Of Class
"We were on break from cosmetology school during our last day celebration, and were about to go back to class when we realized this was the last chance to get a picture with the girls that we spent every day of the past year with. There was no one there to take it, so my genetically long arms were the best choice!" Jillian, 26
Or After Teaching A Class
"I've found that when other people take pictures of me, they seem to get less engagement than when I include myself in this way. I think the novelty of the 'usie' tends to generate slightly more engagement on my LinkedIn." -Al Berrios, Social Media Business Strategist + Business Developer
When You're Finally All Together
"It's not often enough that all my college friends and I are together, but when we are love being silly! We took this photo at our superbowl party this year. -Alli, 26
When You're Being Photobombed
"My sister Sharla and I wanted to get a good picture of us when we were boating, and it just so happened our sister Sabrina was trying to photobomb us right after she got out of the water. It seemed fitting to get all of the sisters in the pic, so we just went with it." -Andrea, 25
While You're Waiting Patiently For Someone
"Our entire family came out to support my cousin Andy when he graduated from college earlier this summer — we took this 'usie' while waiting for him to find us. (It took him a good while to get to us, so he did not make the cut for this photo!)" -Kelsey, 26
When You Steal Your Friend's Phone
"My friends stole my phone at my graduation party and took this photo!" -Laura, 23
At Your Wedding
"An 'usie' is a good excuse to get extra close!" -Erica, 27
When You're In A Small Space
"'Usies' are the best to take in places like an elevator — where it becomes a challenge to get everyone in the photo with limited space to work with." -Danielle, 26
When You All Fit Just Right
"While I was working on a cruise ship as a performer, my castmates and I piled into a bus to take us to the beach while we were docked. We were all sitting just right for me to get everyone in the shot!" -Kara, 26