Double Whammy: 6 Exercise Devices That Are Also Sex Toys

woman running

Who knew working out could be so fun?!

There's no doubt that adding a few kegel reps to your workout routine will further cement your goddess status in the bedroom. Instead of opting for an app for your vagina, try these pelvic floor exercisers first. Not only will wearing and using them strengthen your pelvic muscles, but they'll help you have mind-blowing orgasms (and you can use 'em as sex toys with your partner)!

Charming Cherries Kegel Balls
Who says we can't have fun toys? Charming Cherries Kegel Balls might look like that sweet-tart fruit we all love, but the similarities end there.  Each cherry's internal weight balls will roll with each step you take to create a quiet, woman-powered vibration. The "stem" makes them easy to remove and gives new meaning to popping the cherry.

Fun Factory Smartball Uno
The Fun Factory Smartball Uno isn't smart because you can sync it to your smartphone. The hollow, outer silicone ball holds another, weighted ball inside.

Hot tip: For your next road trip, insert the Smartball and those bumpy roads will have you groaning with pleasure.

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This article was originally published at Momtastic. Reprinted with permission from the author.