Busted! 5 Celebrity Couples That Are Total PR Stunts


Fake celeb couples abound in Hollywood, usually as PR stunts. See our five fave allegedly faux duos.

Because Hollywood is a town that operates off a battery of press and publicity, there have been plenty of allegedly fake Hollywood couples, which generate professional and public interest.

In the golden age of Tinsel Town, faux pairings were often the work of a studio PR machine to deflect rumors about other romances or to detract attention away from a star's rumored sexual orientation or to create the idea and the notion of celebs being hotly desired. To create love from the public, PR reps and managers often arrange faux love in private ... that later goes public, often around the time a movie is released or an album drops.

Fast forward to the current era and lots of celebs are often photographed together, appearing to be romantically involved, with their actions, bodies and behaviors illuminated by the paparazzi flashbulbs. All the work is done from there. A publicist doesn't even need to respond to an outlet's email, requesting comment, clarification or confirmation about celeb couple status. 

These faux couples exist for the same reason as the Old Hollywood faux couples did -- to generate chatter, publicity and to keep the stars and their names as grist for the media mill. A much-discussed celeb creates the notion of increased star power.

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne were clasping hands last week and it generated a storm of "OMG! THEY ARE DATING!" rumors. She has dispelled them. It further inspired us to pick our five fave fakes pairings, these two kids included.

Taylor Swift and Evan Spiegel:

Taylor Swift was rumored to be dating Evan Spiegel, the mega bucks founder of SnapChat. Of course rumors circulated that she blew it by being all neurotic after meeting him at a holiday party. Other rumors suggested she has a secret thing with Ed Sheeran that can never be topped. Nevertheless, the Swift x Spiegel story was more media created than Swift created, to her credit. It was an easy story – OMG, how did T. Swizzle blow it with this romance? Swift is often at her healthiest when she is as she is pictured in this image: solo and chillin' on her own.

Taylor Swift - Instagram

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne:

She just split with fiance Jas Prince. Then she and Weezy sat together and held hands at the ESPYs last week. She is now signed to his Young Money music company. Of course that screams "TOGETHER!!!" However, Milian shot it down, telling TMZ that she and Weezy just make music together. What about that other kind of beautiful music — the horizontal kind? Aw naw, according to her. Still, their public appearances got people jabberjawing. That was likely the point, since she hasn't had a big hit in …ever.

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne - Instagram

Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry:

The reality star and the Canadian model were seen at an NBA game after he split with Halle Berry and before she dated Kris Humphries. It became a "thing" and was said to be a quiet romance, although it never felt like one. It just felt like photo opps for both.

Kim Kardashian - Instagram

Laura Prepon and Tom Cruise:

Scientology is to blame for this one. Both the Orange Is the New Black star and the crown prince of Scientology share the faith and the organization is always rumored to play a part in his relationships and in selecting his mates, although the powers-that-be deny it. Prepon and Cruise had "it couple" status for like a minute. "It's just so funny that, when people don't know, they just make stuff up, apparently I'm dating Tom Cruise right now," Prepon said at the time. "And apparently he doesn't want me doing the show because I portray a lesbian and I'm a Scientologist. This is false; where are they even getting this stuff? It's unbelievable to me." Incidentally, that's sort of how we feel about Scientology -- it's unbelievable.

Laura Prepon and Tom Cruise - Instagram / IMDB

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx:

Holmes, the ex of the aforementioned (and formerly couch jumping) Cruise, was linked to the Oscar-winner and former Cruise co-star Foxx because they were photographed together around the time of the Super Bowl this year. But other sources suggested they'd been secretly trysting for a while. He dismissed the rumors as "absurd." Remember, TomKat were considered a sham and a PR stunt at first, designed to further polish Cruise's image. Just sayin'.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx - IMDB