Charlie Sheen's Taco Bell Trip Is Proof He's Not Winning At All

Buzz, Self

Charlie Sheen was winning for a while. But now? Not so much.

Charlie Sheen was spotted at a Taco Bell, blitzed out of his mind, with a tiger blood alcohol level that was probably off the charts. (Remember, this is Charlie Sheen: it's gonna take a whole lot of booze to even get him buzzed anymore.)

Thankfully, Sheen wasn't behind the wheel when he made friends with some fans at a Taco Bell drive-thru, so at least he did one thing right. Sheen's pal Gary, instead, is helming the car while the Anger Management star hops out and shakes hands with a few folks:

On one hand, you have to hand it to Sheen: He's friendly and jovial when lots of celebs won't even interact with the very plebeians who line their pockets (Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel recently came under fire for this). But Sheen is also, as he states clearly himself, hammered.

He's a guy with kids, a few ex-wives (one of whom, Brooke Mueller, is in and out of rehab herself every 10 minutes) with varying degrees and stories of abuse at his hand, veneers on his teeth that have been rotted from years and years of substance abuse, and a porn star fiancee who won't let him communicate with any of the mothers of his children.

You know it's a rough life and a really bad sign when the healthiest thing you've done all day is go on a trip to Taco Bell. And if that's your idea of winning, well, you're probably forgetting all the subsequent trips you'll be making to the john when you're done.