5 Eligible Bachelors Jennifer Lopez Should Date Next

There are plenty of available men in Hollywood who would pair perfectly with Jennifer Lopez.

Is there any more eligible female A-lister than Jennifer Lopez?

The singer, dancer, American Idol judge, fashion designer and mom of twins has been married three times before. But she is still a romantic at heart and has not given up on love.

Lopez is a serial monogamist, having had long-term relationships with Ben Affleck — don't even try and pretend like you forgot about that hot mess known as Bennifer! — and Casper Smart, the latter from whom she recently split. With her younger boytoy moving on, Lopez remains a hot and available property. Who wouldn't want to put down a bid and date her? She's stunning, rich, famous, seems like a whole lot of fun and has a booty that will not quit, much less give two weeks notice.

Lopez turns 45 on July 24, but her body, her face and her super fun personality, which we've gleaned from interviews, make her the catch of all catches. She puts up and comers half her age to shame. #Truth.

La Lopez should not remain single for very long. But here are five guys we would love to see her hook up with. Step away from your computer screen for a second, because we bet you could totally see sparks fly. (That is, unless she's already busy with Dancing With The Stars hunk Maksim Chmerkovskiy!)

Ian Somerhalder:

The Vampire Diaries star, long linked to co-star Nina Dobrev, would be a tall, dark and handsome foil to Lopez's glossy-lipped and glowy-skinned diva. What a good looking pair they'd be! Plus, she has a predilection for younger men. Somerhalder is 35, so he is about a decade younger, but still mature. Age is just a number, though!

Ian Somerhalder - Instagram

Jake Gyllenhaal:

Jake G., 33, is another handsome hunk who who would look amazing on J. Lo's arm and vice versa. He hasn't had a super serious, headline-grabbing romance since Reese Witherspoon and that was ages ago. Plus, we can christen them "JakeLo" or "Gyllenpez." So easy!

Jake Gyllenhaal - IMDB


They are both reality show judges. They both have multiple kids. They could make beautiful music together, in and out of the studio. Sexy, steamy, yes! Plus, Usher Raymond, he of that flawless R&B falsetto, and J. Lo are of the same genre and generation, so they'd be a flawless fit.

Usher - Instagram

Alexander Skarsgard:

The True Blood actor is another handsome hunk that would totally be quite a red carpet accessory for Jenny From the Block. He's so smoldering. So is she. Fight fire with fire, so to speak.

Alexander Skarsgard - IMDB

Jeremy Renner:

This choice is a little out of the blue and from out in left field, sure. But the actor has really come into his own as a quality thespian. We'd love to see the diva get serious with a newly A-list actor such as Renner. It'd be a nice balance and change of pace for Lopez, who traffics in the mainstream pop world and who usually stars in fluffy rom coms.

Jeremy Renner - IMDB