Pamela Anderson, Give These Nice Guys (And Girl!) A Try

After six months of marriage, Pam and Rick call it quits — Again!


This morning, Pam Anderson and her second-time husband Rick Salomon filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason. Maybe it’s all Pam's fault, but her track record proves that she goes for some pretty douchey men. I mean, Kid Rock and Tommy Lee make Hugh Hefner's girlfriends look like pretty decent human beings.

This is it, Pam Anderson. You are 47 years old and have had a string of horrible husbands, so it's time to get it together and start dating a nice guy. 

It's time to put everything in the past and find someone who treats you right. These are our top choices for you, Baywatch Queen, and we think you'd be lucky to have them (and vice versa!).

John Stamos
Yes, we talk about John Stamos at YourTango all of the time, but seriously: haaaave mercy. He's 50, unmarried and probably one of the nicest guys out there in the Hollywood market. Pam could do a lot worse than Uncle Jesse if you ask us and he seems to have his life pretty much together. You've seen the yogurt commercials, right?

John Stamos - Theo Wargo, Getty Images

Owen Wilson
Owen had a bit of a rough patch for a bit, but there’s no proof that he's currently seeing anyone long-term and he would be a great guy to date. There's no way Tommy Lee and Rick Salomon were making you laugh like Mr. Wilson could. He's 45 and charming, what more could you ask for Pam?

Owen Wilson - Donato Sardella, Getty Images

Gerard Butler
Not really sure that an explanation is really needed for this one, but he's single, handsome and so Scottish that even if he was being an asshole, you probably wouldn't even realize it. We all saw him in 300 and P.S. I Love You, and have concluded that everything about him is perfect. And because of accents, all of the accents.

Gerard Butler - Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Ellen Degeneres
So maybe Pam isn't a lesbian, but maybe she should try something new! Clearly men were not her best choice. Ellen is married, we haven't forgotten, but since all these separation rumors are out there and Portia de Rossi is in rehab, we thought maybe Ellen and Pam should really consider giving it a shot. They both need someone nice in their lives!

Ellen DeGeneres - Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Jeremy Piven
Supposing that he's not Ari Gold in real life, we feel that Jeremy Piven is seriously in the running for Pam. He's extremely private about his personal life, but has never been married before. Now that he's not super busy with Entourage, it may be the perfect time for him to find a lady friend to settle down with. Get it, Pam.

Jeremy Piven - David M. Benett, Getty Images

Taylor Kitsch
Maybe what Pam needs is an "Ashton": A younger man to hang out with for a bit. A nice younger man like Taylor Kitsch. Every girl in the world wants to be with him and he never seems to be exclusive with anyone. If Lady Gaga can lock down Taylor Kinney, we think Taylor Kitsch and Pam Anderson have a real shot here. Weirder things have happened.

Taylor Kitsch - Mark Davis, Getty Images