Picture Perfect: The Breathtaking Wedding Backdrop You Must See

couple with ring

This newlyweds love is taking the world by storm.

On your wedding day, you hope for perfect weather. Something as trivial as rain is often considered a recipe for disaster. Although your love may have the power to move the world, it has absolutely no control over the weather. If disaster strikes at your seemingly perfect wedding, you may be inclined to reschedule.

However, this thought never crossed the minds of a newlywed Canadian couple. The couple who had just married in the rural Saskatchewan in Canada decided to make the best out of the troubling tornado weather that was sent their way. Instead of running for cover, the couple (along with wedding photographer Colleen Niska) braved the dangerous weather for some breathtaking wedding shots. The series of photos is so beautifually dangerous that they instantly became a sensation across the web. 

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