25 Awesome Wedding Gifts For Brides, Grooms, And Everyone Else

25 Awesome Wedding Gifts For Brides, Grooms, And Everyone Else
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Let's go shopping!

So your wedding day is drawing closer. Congrats! Do you have everything in line? By which we mean, do you have gifts for everyone? (And yes, these days pretty much everyone gets a gift). Did you remember all the bridesmaids, ushers and even your parents? No? Okay, be calm, we've got you. Check out this list of awesome gifts for everyone even vaguely connected with your wedding. You can thank us later.

Bride to groom

1. Who could go wrong with this adorable whiskey bottle?

Or you could always try collar stays engraved with the date of your wedding and a cute saying.

3. Another great route is a shaving bag with his initials.

4. If he likes wine, go with this bottle opener.

5. And possibly the coolest thing on our list is this leather bracelet embossed with the exact longitudinal coordinates of your wedding.

Groom to bride
1. For the clotheshorse brides out there, try this hanger for her wedding gown.
Or you could always go for a custom satin robe for the wedding day.

3. Get her something new and blue with this engraved charm bracelet.

4. Another choice in the jewelry department is this infinity bracelet.

5. And for the nights that she wants to hang with her girls, she can use these gorgeous painted wine glasses.

Bride to bridesmaids
1. If you'd like your ladies to sparkle all together, try this set of Swarovski crystal necklaces and earrings.
If you want keep matching, go with these satin robes.

3. For something a little more unusual, pick up some of these dandelion lockets.

4. To keep everything organized on the big day, go with these cute totes. Simple, and elegant.

5. Never forget the importance water. To that end, pick up a set of these cups. Adorable!

Groom to ushers
1. Personalized pocket watches are unique, thoughtful and just unusual enough to leave a lasting memory.
Lego stormtrooper cufflinks. 'Nuff said.

3. For the liquor-lovers, go with special rocks glasses.

4. Try custom socks for a fun effect.

5. And for cigar lovers, try a personal cigar box.

Bride and groom to parents
1. For the proud papas, go for this elegant money clip.
For his parents, try this heartfelt print.

3. Both mothers would enjoy a pearl necklace.

4. For your mom, try a custom embroidered handkerchief.

5. You can get the same for your dad!