Who Will Be 'Frozen''s Anna And Kristoff On 'Once Upon A Time'?

Anna and Kristoff in 'Frozen'

'Frozen' is coming to 'Once Upon A Time'! Find out who will be the small-screen Anna and Kristoff!

Frozen is a long-awaited addition to Once Upon A Time, and now Frozen characters will finally debut on the fairy tale-themed series!

Scott Michael Foster will star as Kristoff, while Elizabeth Lail will play Anna. You may recognize Foster from his work on Greek back in the day, while Lail is a relative newcomer to the Hollywood scene.

Of course, one beloved Frozen heroine is missing: Queen Elsa! The ice queen's casting has yet to be revealed, but let's be honest: that's the one we all care about the most.

And if Lail or Foster are upset about that, here's some advice:

What we do know about Elsa so far: She's blond, she's icy and she's unconvincing at switching her hips when she walks. (For real, girl, do better.)



As for Kristoff and Anna, their arc in Once Upon A Time is expected to take place after the action of the original film, meaning they will already be romantically involved — no dopey prince chasing here.



Another real question? Whether Once Upon A Time will explore the homosexual undertones of Frozen and expand Queen Elsa's character arc into finding a lady.

Also, if that's an issue for you?