Marrying For Love Can Get You Killed In Pakistan


So, so sad.

Honor killings in the Middle East have been making headlines more frequently, and this story is just heartbreaking.

17-year-old Muafia Bibi and her 30-year-old husband, Sajjad Ahmed, were murdered by her family, with a butcher knife. They were married on June 19th, and their union was not accepted by Muafia's family. Why? Because she married for love and without their consent.

The couple was murdered on Friday night in the village of Satrah, Pakistan. It was Sajjad's third marriage. Police chief Asghar Ali said all five family members involved in the murders were arrested.

This is only one of many horrific stories of honor killings. Apparently marrying for love in Pakistan is taboo. Conservative Muslims frequently murder women (sometimes even couples) who are believed to have brought shame onto the family.

Another gut-wrenching story involves 20-year-old Sidra Shaukat, who was burned alive in a field by 26-year-old Fayas Aslam after her family declined his proposal. And who could forget the case of 25-year-old Farzana Parveen, beaten to death by her family with bricks?

Apparently, under Pakistani law, murder charges can be dropped if the deceased's family members forgive them or if they accept "blood money." So these murderers could potentially go unpunished.

All because one couple wanted to marry for love.