Top Honeymoon Destinations for Adventurous Newlyweds


Starting your new life as a married couple is an exhilarating experience, so why should things slow down after the wedding? Honeymoons typically involve lazy days drenched in sunshine and mojitos, but once you see these five exciting honeymoon destinations, you’ll want to turn yours into an adventure you’ll never forget.

Glacier Cruise

The Caribbean honeymoon cruise has become quite cliché, but a glacier cruise is something you’ll never forget. Keep warm in the comfort of a cruise ship while you float by some of the most stunning scenery on earth. A cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage will sail past Glacier Bay National Park, and the massive glaciers, gorgeous mountains, and untouched wilderness offer picturesque sights which will stay with you both forever.

Bicycles in the Netherlands

Go Dutch…literally! This lovely region has a huge network of bike paths stretching into all twelve provinces. Some shadow country roads, while others will take you through stretches of Holland’s countryside where cars simply can’t go. You’ll spend your days taking in the beautiful countryside and clean, fresh air. At night, wine and cheese are served in country inns, where you can enjoy the local culture and rest for the evening. This is the best honeymoon you can have on two wheels.

Explore the Canadian Rockies
Hinton, Canada will be your gateway to Jasper National Park and the magnificent Canadian Rockies. Set up base camp in a beautiful mountain lodge and enjoy the myriad of outdoor activities the area has to offer, such as horseback adventures and ATV tours, hiking and whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking and more. Whatever you wish to do, guides and outfitters can set you up with everything you need for anything from day trips to weeklong adventures, all with the pristine Rocky Mountains as a beautiful backdrop. Whether you and your new spouse choose to camp or stay in one of the Best Canadian Motor Inns, Jasper National Park and the surrounding area provide plenty of spectacular sights and activities for the adventurous couple.

France in the Fast Lane
The appeal of southern France alone is considerable, as is that of kicking your honeymoon up a notch by renting a set of exotic wheels for your tour through the region. The countryside looks better when you see it through the windows of a Lotus or Maserati. France is positively soaked in romance, giving you and your new spouse plenty of opportunities to slow things down for visiting out-of-the-way sites and time to sample some of the world’s best local cuisine.

Hiking in Spain
Match serious adventure with tranquil scenery with a weeklong hike through the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada. The National Park southeast of Grenada is huge (333 square miles), and the entire Alpujarras region is filled with footpaths that will take you from village to village, each more beautiful than the last. Be sure to take a night on the town before or after your trip as well, since no visit to Spain is complete without a night of food, music and dancing.

Any one of these five adventurous honeymoons will provide you and your new spouse with memories that will last a lifetime, and vacation photos your friends will truly want to see. More importantly, it will start your new life with an experience that you both can share forever.