Erykah Badu & Other Celebs Caught Behaving Badly On Camera

Erykah Badu, Jenna Jameson

Cameras + celebs can often be a recipe for disaster.

Where there are celebs, there are cameras. Where there are celebs behaving badly, there are cameras, capturing their antics, which become evidence.

The idea of constant camera surveillance goes with the territory, since celebs often work in front of the camera's watchful eye.

Last week, singer Erykah Badu tried to kiss a reporter during a live broadcast while he was discussing Shia LaBeouf's latest antics, which saw the actor once again going off the rails while attending a Broadway show. More on him in a sec.

While Badu's behavior may have been harmless, she earned plenty of press attention for it.

LaBeouf himself dealt with plenty of scrutiny for acting up while at a performance Cabaret last week. Justin Bieber is constantly hounded and followed by the paps, so he is bound to blow up every once in a while, while actress Jenna Jameson was totally out of her mind during a promotional interview last year. Then there's Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Here's our roundup of recent bad celeb behavior captured on video.

Songstress Badu made headlines after trying to plant a kiss on a reporter during a local NYC news broadcast on Friday, June 27. Mario Diaz was reporting on LaBeouf's bad behavior when Badu, in a giant white hat, offered up an obscene gesture with her hands. She then attempted to kiss Diaz, who pushed her away. He didn't realize it was a famous singer who tried to lay one on him and he reacted accordingly. At first, Badu denied that it was her, but then confessed that she did videobomb the newsman. She and Diaz exchanged tweets afterwards.


Speaking of LaBeouf, the actor has been behaving all sorts of bizarrely for months. He had been quiet for a minute, but maybe he was triggered by the fact that a new Transformers film, starring Not Him, was getting ready to level the box office while he hasn't been in anything of commercial note as of late. LaBeouf, who was atop the Young Hollywood game when starring in that franchise, was taken into custody after smoking and yelling at the cast of Cabaret. He was removed from the theater by authorities and even insulted and cussed at arresting officers. The actor also reportedly chased a homeless man in NYC last week, too. Can someone please stage an intervention here? Ex-GF Carey Mulligan? Producer Steven Spielberg? Someone? Anyone?


Last March, Justin Bieber was goaded by English paparazzi while in London. The Biebs was surrounded by his goon squad and tried to make off in an SUV when paps started talking smack and he screamed, "I'll f—king beat the f—k out of you." That was some tough talk outta Da Biebs right there, especially since he weighs, what, a buck thirty, at most?


Adult film icon Jenna Jameson is known for behaving badly on camera. As a porn star, that's her job. But she showed her seams while promoting her fiction book Sugar last fall. The former porno queen was clearly on something, as she slurred her words and barely constructed a coherent sentence. She was on some planet, any planet, other than earth. She later claimed she was tired, but her behavior didn't seem like something a shot of espresso or a nap could cure. You could tell just by looking at her, as she was a sloppy mess. Big ups to the Fox 5 anchors for their valiant efforts to salvage the interview. For what it's worth, Jameson was also caught abusing substances by security cameras installed in her home.


Oh, Kimye. Both the rapper and his new wife have been caught behaving badly on camera. With Yeezy, he ranted about music, not being respected in the fashion world and about him and Kimmy being victims of classism. As for Kim? Well, she is a household name based on how she acted on camera. Hell, she got a slate of reality shows because of how she acted on camera. Her sex tape with Ray J made her insanely famous. Let's be honest here. If she never made that tape and it never leaked, she'd be just another pretty girl from L.A. and you wouldn't care what she was hawking.