Here's How To Feel Like A Lovestruck Teenager All Over Again

teens in love

Get ready to pass handwritten notes.

I've always preferred "boyish" to "manly" — big muscles and a strong jaw aren't really my thing, and I'll take funny and cute over suave and commanding any day. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes me longer than it probably should to distinguish between "charmingly boyish" and "man-child."

Last summer, I was charmed by a particularly boyish (and slightly younger) dude. Eventually his boyishness became less charming. And then confusing. And then mildly infuriating. After a while I realized I was basically having a middle-school romance ... in my 30s. Sound fun? Here's how it's done.

Pass notes.

If you meet online — and you will — email back and forth for weeks before you get together IRL, and keep it up for the remainder of the relationship. Flirting in writing is super-fun and kind of perfect for those of us who haven't outgrown the tween-ish tongue-tie of a new crush.

Plus, he'll be funny — you'll be funny together. Become addicted to the anticipation of each new cleverly titled missive and giddy when it arrives. Be amused when he says he badly wants to like Woody Allen and olives and bleu cheese because they are things that smart, cool people enjoy. Tell each other about art and poetry you like while simultaneously proclaiming yourselves people who aren't big on art or poetry. When he asks, "Do you like BANDS?" reply, "Yes, but maybe not in all caps. Maybe I'm more into SONGS." Exchange playlists of your favorite SONGS from high school. Interpret it as a sign that they both include The Cranberries and Mazzy Star.

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This article was originally published at xoJane. Reprinted with permission from the author.