Try These Wedding Hairstyles to Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous!


Here is a list of gorgeous hair styles that include up-dos, flowing lengths and short styles.

The wedding date has been set, the dress has been decided, and the venue has been booked. But what remains is the most important wedding-day beauty decision and this revolves around the way a bride is supposed to wear her hair. Only then can she make a call regarding her makeup, after all it is the hairstyle that rules a bride’s look and brings out the beauty of her features!

Wedding hairstyles, especially during the summer months must be kept natural and easy to manage –this is what eminent hairstylists claim. Thankfully, in places such as Montgomery County PA, brides are made to look their best because of a handful few on-location wedding hair stylistsand makeup artists such as

Keeping the views of eminent bridal hair and makeup artists in mind, here is a list of some gorgeous hair style ideas that include up-dos, half-ups, flowing lengths and short styles which will make a bride look stunning in her NYC wedding!

  • Brides with long locks can try the boho-beach wedding half -up half-down twisted hairdo. It renders a sweet playful look to the face. This hairstyle would require some salt spray to the damp hair and then it needs to be scrounged up for that flawless tousled texture.


  • Using a hair curler for large bouncy curls is a must here; in case the bride is blessed with natural curls, just apply some leave-on potion over the free curls. Now the hair needs to be centre-parted and carefully twisted on each side; this needs to be secured at the back. These pretty little twisted sides can be decorated with flowers for a simple yet sweet bohemian look.


  • Try the tiara-topped braided chignon for a sophisticated look.Young brides can stick to this look for it has a unique sleekness and elegance. It is contemporary as well as renders a soft yet full style which is embellished with a pretty little tiara.


  • Ladies with short hair can go with hair accessories that add extra panache to the cropped look. Try on a bold piece of hair jewellery on a dramatically parted short haircut; add structured definition to select parts of hair with pomade. Try on jewellery such as a diamond encrusted head band or large silver clips. A simple large flower can also be worn to keep it simplistic.


  • Another great look would be brushed out, loose curls that flow down one shoulder; this look is better than the stiff and cramped coils from old-Hollywood movies. Not only brides but also bridesmaids can try this hairstyle out for it is perfect for all kinds of special occasions. Those with straight hair can straighten it further for a neat and sophisticated look. Keep the tresses loose and let them flow down the back. Add up accessories such as a small veil, lace hair piece or a simple hair comb.


  • Wedding is the most special day of a girl’s life; so make this one special by trying out any one of these elegant hairstyles. Certainly you will look your best and make the groom fall in love with you all over again!

About Author:

Ariella Landau is a full-time Hair Stylist and freelancer. She is the owner of Fresh_Breath_Of_Hair, provides on-location bridal hair services to accommodate you throughout the Tri-State area and New York.