4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Loan Money To Your Date


Ladies, it is not cool to loan money to men who you are dating. In this economy where so many people are struggling to make ends meet, I will not recommend it at all.

Alot of women complain that they have been used for their money by someone they've dated. Money is one of those things that will put relationships under pressure if not handled properly. Many of us loan money to men for different reasons such as to pay his child support, to buy his car, or to pay his rent. All these things are HIS responsibilies not yours. We loan the money because we want to be in his good graces but let's be for real, you've worked hard for your money and why should you loan money to a man who obviously do not know how to manage HIS money.

Nothing gets under my skin more than a man who can't or won't pull his own weight and to add insult to injury wont pay you back.

Here are a few reasons why you should not loan money to men you are dating:

1. You become his bank or ATM.

Usually when men borrow money from women they keep asking to borrow more money, and more money and more money...you get it? And he hasn't paid back the first loan. Don't fall for that trap.

2. The loan is without limits or conditions.

Advise him to go to a loan shark or to a conventional bank to take out his own loan. That way the loan will have deadlines for him to pay back the loan. If he is unable to take out a personal loan then try suggesting he ask a family member or one of his homeboys-that's what they are for right? Unless he's already burned those bridges. If he doesn't work lastly suggest a job or if he has one a second job.

3. What if you need the money?

You just never know when you may need to use the money for yourself. You cant take out a loan if you are already over extended. Remember unexpected circumstances do pop up from time to time for all of us. Ask yourself this question, is he in a position or even better, would he loan you the money if you needed it?

4. What if your relationship took a turn for the worse?

Then you may end up on Judge Judy trying to get your money back. The first thing men say is that it was a gift. If you should loan him money at least make him sign a promissory note as proof that you loaned him the money. Why risk a date or relationship over money? Especially with new daters, your focus should be to get to know one another. You want to have a good time doing it right? Keep dating smart and simple. Don't do business with your date.

So ladies, do yourself a favor and save yourself the headache of possibly having to go to court to get your money back or losing out on a date that could have otherwise been a good date.

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