5 Reasons A Full On Destiny's Child Reunion Needs To Happen Stat

If Destiny's Child reunited, it would feel SOOOOO good. Like "Bootylicious" good.

With Beyonce and Kelly Rowland lending their angelic voices to former Destiny's Child bandmate Michelle Williams' new song "Say Yes", and our memories conjuring up and clinging to images of their all-too-brief reunion during Bey's Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2013, we're convinced that a Destiny's Child reunion needs to happen. NOW.

You know, we're still going nuclear over the newly-recorded track "Nuclear", which surfaced in 2013 as part of their posthumous Love Songs compilation release — and was their first new track since the 2005 disbandment that caused the gnashing of teeth, wringing of hands, and streams of tears.

Melodrama aside, we're totally ready for Destiny's Child to reunite. It's been nearly a decade and they've been gone long enough, at least as a unit, since the members of the group remain active, vital and vibrant.

While Bey is mom to Blue Ivy and busy with her career, like her summer tour with hubby Jay Z, and with Rowland newly married and reportedly pregnant, we might have to wait more than a minute for the threesome to get their matching outfits together and sing and dance their way back into our lives. Since, let's face it, they've never left our hearts.

We're fine with being forced to wait another year or so, but why not plan for it ... now?

These are the reasons it needs to happen! Bey, Kel, Mish — this is Mission: Critical.


It's time for Michelle Williams (pictured) and Kelly Rowland to shine. The cult of Beyonce is, like, a thing, but her equally gorge and talented band sisters need another go 'round in the group in order to fully do their thing and show why they were able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Bey in the first place.


We never really got to give the trio a proper goodbye or a satisfying sendoff. Plus, we want to sing "Survivor" lyrics back to them from the front row. That and "Bootylicious".


Yes, Bey is the Queen, but having her back with her girls would humanize her a little more, right? They are all amazing on their own, but together, they are a force. Make that "Force."


Who has taken Destiny's Child's place since they split? NO to the ONE! While we crush on Little Mix and Fifth Harmony, and perhaps even Danity Kane, really, what girl group has filled the meteor-sized void left by Beyonce, Kellendria and M. Williams? Hear that? Crickets.


Could you imagine how amaze their outfits would be, given the leaps that fashion has taken since their heyday? They would be changing the face of fashion as we know it. Destiny's Child, V. 2.0 would be even more fabulous, thanks to matching (or at least coordinated) outfits. Leather leggings? Ostrich feather dresses? Double plat pumps? Oh, yes. Each of the Destinys has her own unique style, like K. Rowl and her new pixie (pictured) and they would totally inspire copycats.