Divorce Is Ruff! Griffith And Banderas Fight Over Dogs


Like they didn't have better things to bicker over?

Well, things are getting dog-gon dirty in Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas' divorce proceedings. With their daughter Stella turning 18 in September, fighting over her is senseless. So what are they fighting over? Custody of the three dogs they adopted last February. Because, you know, that's sensible and mature.

Just ten days after Melanie filed for divorce on June 16th, reports are surfacing on TMZ that she is adamant about receiving custody of their furry babies — one terrier mix and two Shepard-Lab mixes. The former duo adopted the dogs last February, and Melanie thinks she's a better pooch parent than Antonio.

Maybe Antonio is more of a cat person? After all, he is Puss in Boots. 

The former family