10 Wedding Ideas You Haven't Already Thought Of


We're a little sick of the age-old mason jars decor.

Ugh, we're so over the century-old wedding ideas: flowers in mason jars, bride and groom riding bikes, cute slogans written in chalk on blackboards. Shockingly, though, there are still some wedding ideas out there that haven't been overdone. Take, for instance, bachelorette Emily Maynard's "rustic glam" wedding theme. You may want to steal a few of her ideas—they're pretty great! Here are 10 wedding ideas that haven't (yet) been beaten to death. 

1. Goodie Bags Filled With Delicious Stuff

Emily Maynard gave her guests burlap bags filled with some fabulous local treats. These include ONEHOPE coffee, Neet's Sweets pies in a jar, and all-natural cookies from Helen's Kitchen.

2. Plants Over Flowers

You could always send those beautiful flowers home with all of your guests, OR you could use potted plants for decoration instead! What a unique twist!

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