Five Foods To Help Make A Romantic Evening


Food should enhance a romantic setting, not diminish it. Romance does not have to be taxing.

Stressing out over cooking an elaborate meal that may turn out to be inedible does not a romantic evening make. These five simple suggestions could help the time you spend with your partner be more peaceful, more enjoyable, and ultimately more romantic.

Cocktail Garnish
Restaurants, resorts, and cruise ships that pride themselves on romantic catering all know how to dress a cocktail. The gin-soaked olives are a treat at the end of a dirty martini. Put a pearl onion and jalapeno-stuffed olive into a Bloody Mary. Add pieces of fresh fruit to sweet drinks. If pouring cocktails at home, make this extra small effort as a sizeable romantic gesture.

Fancy Fingers
When presenting a cheese tray, add a fancy, flavorful cracker. For example, cheesesticks.com offers a variety of aesthetically pleasing finger foods that add flair to your usual dinner with bold, unexpected flavors like Garlic Romano and Dijon Swiss. The gourmet flavors and literal design twist of CheeseSticks make this link well worth navigating.

Ice Cream
Whether you are at a gelato stand or at home with a paper pint, ice cream is a magnificent way to connect. People tend to remember and share fond childhood memories when they eat ice cream. It is also a sensual food. Try eating an ice cream cone without licking your lips. You know you give that spoon an extra lick when the bowl is empty.

Nuts are highly underrated. They come sweetened, chocolate-covered, salted, and mixed. You can still talk while you are eating these tiny morsels, and they can sit out without going bad, getting stale, or melting. Nuts are even romantically entertaining. Have you ever thrown a nut in the air and tried to catch it with your mouth?
It’s even more fun with a partner!

Bite-sized Sweets
If you are looking to make a big romantic gesture with little effort, put out tiny decorative desserts. Miniature baked goods are a lot less messy than their full-sized counterparts, and they are romantically chic. If you lack baking skills, hit the frozen food isle of your grocery store. You will find a variety of decadent, delicate desserts. A sweet dessert plate is a brilliant catalyst for sweet romance.

Romance does not have to be daunting and infrequent. These suggestions are simple enough to employ often. Keep romance alive, and give these food items a try!