Love Bytes: Pit Bull And Deer Become Adorable BFFs

Love, Family

Plus, a new lube that has a weird double purpose.

There was Tom and Jerry, the Fox and the Hound ... and then, there was a pit bull and deer. They've become the best of friends. Yes, seriously. And we're in love with this video of them playing together! (Huffington Post Good News)

Ladies behold, a new cannabis oil-infused lube is now available in California. How is it different from your average lube? It gets you high. Can't make this stuff up, kids! (Huffington Post Weird News)

Lingerie for men? It's here. From scented underwear to underwear with hidden pockets. Which will you get your man this Father's Day? (The Stir)

A shocking new report has some pretty depressing statistics on college sex crimes. BUT experts say that their might be a silver lining to this dark cloud. (Newser)

Sick for Tinder? Try this new invite-only dating app, Wyldfire, that filters out creepers! Game on. (The Frisky)