Naughty Boy! Seattle Doctor Suspended For Sexting Mid-Case


And a host of other questionable things.

"I'm hella busy with C-sections." Imagine your anesthesiologist sent that text in the middle of your C-section.

One sketchtastic anesthesiologist in Seattle, Arthur K. Zilberstein, sent that text and reportedly 63 others filled with sexual innuendos during seven surgeries (all in one day!). According to the Washington Post, those surgeries included — besides C-sections — pediatric appendectomies, epidurals, tubal ligations and cardiac probe insertions.

He is also accused of sending pictures of himself wearing his hospital badge and scrubs with his genitals exposed to a patient. Meanwhile, patients are under anesthesia on the operating table under his supervision. Professionalism at its finest.

Zilberstein's indecency doesn't end with sexting. He is also accused of "looking at private medical records for his own sexual gratification," having sex in the hospital — he worked at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle —, making racist comments to a patient and issuing 29 unauthorized prescriptions (at least).

Thankfully, his license was suspended on Monday, after Washington's Medical Quality Commission decided that his "preoccupation with sexual matters" while he was on hospital duty between April and August 2013 affected the safety of patients.

Um, yeah, we'd say so.

According to Gawker, Zilberstein has 20 days to respond to the charges and request a hearing. His is, thankfully, unable to practice medicine until the charges are resolved.

Swedish Medical Center made the following statement regarding Zilberstein’s inappropriate behavior: "Once we learned that the State had suspended this physician's medical license, the physician's Medical Staff membership and privileges were immediately suspended."