Newlyweds Spend First Night As Man And Wife In The Clink


Oooh, bad choice.

A British couple were escorted from the Hilton Deansgate in Manchester to prison. But this was no ordinary arrest. Kirsty and Nick Bigland were just married that day and had to be escorted by police from the hotel after getting in a tumultuous fight with a Hilton clerk and several security guards,

It's unclear exactly why the fight began, but it kicked off as the couple tried to check into their room.  When they became hostile and threatening to the hotel staff, security was called, at which point the fight turned physical. While the bride taunted an Asian guard with racist jokes and slurs, the groom allegedly sliced another guard's face.

Nick Adderley, Chief Superintendent of Greater Manchester Police’s North Division, told the Manchester Evening News that, "Police officers were asked attend and we did so. We then obviously had to pain over the decision whether it was right thing to do to arrest. But it absolutely was and I support the officers who made that decision."

At least for the couple, still fully dressed in their wedding garb, the stony lonesome was not so lonesome, as they slept in neighboring cells.