What Your Clothes Reveal About You


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An old adage says, “Never judge a book by its cover.” When it comes to judging an individual, most of us take a similar approach. Within a few seconds of meeting someone, we form an impression of the person, going just by his/her looks and clothing. The fact remains that our clothes can not only make or break our look, but also convey a lot about the kind of person we are.

A prominent fashion expert, Bridget Allensays rightly said, “Before you choose your outfit for the day, think about how you want other people to see you and interpret your personality … Your clothes say far more than you think.” In fact, a famous clinical psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner has written a book on this subject. The book is called “You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You.” Knowing what your attire could say about you would certainly help you make a better informed decision when shopping for clothing items.

Understanding The Psychology of Clothing

Your clothes can speak volumes about you. Whether you are shopping for formal dresses or casual dresses, it is important to understand the psychology of clothes before taking your pick. Your choice of clothes may reveal the following about you:

• The Sloppy Dresser: You fall in this category, if you are not choosy about the kind of clothes you wear. You would not really mind wearing wrinkled, mismatched or even stained clothes. If you indulge in sloppy dressing, chances are that people around you would not take you seriously. They would see you as a person who is simply not bothered about his appearance or career or any other aspect of his life.

• The Designer Dresser: If you are one of those who really care about the brand name when shopping for apparel, you are a designer dresser. From your polo t-shirts to your funky shorts, every item in your wardrobe belongs to a designer’s collection and you definitely let others know about it. This type of clothing may convey that you are quite choosy and successful. However, it may also reveal that you are overtly materialistic and slightly insecure.

• The Business Casual Dresser: If you like to dress up in a semi-formal manner, then you come under this class. Your favourite outfit could be polo t-shirts. You may like to team those with your trousers and loafers. You might make an impression that you are confident and a well-meaning individual.

• The Flashy Dresser: A snappy tie on your graphic t-shirt for men would just be enough to put you in this category of dressers. Be it one of your well designed cool polo t-shirts or a fun pair of shoes, you have always got something to put your wild side on display. Such people dress up to get noticed.

• The Drab Dresser: Do you always opt for neutral colours when shopping for your t-shirts online? If you love wearing plain trousers with simple shirts, then you are a drab dresser. This type of clothing conveys that you do not want to attract extra attention. You would rather like to blend in with the mass.

• The Casual Dresser: Such a dresser would have his wardrobe full of causal dresses, such as, jeans and t-shirts. Such people dress up casually almost all the time. This kind of attire could be perfect for weekend getaways or birthday parties. However, if you continue dressing yourself in this way everywhere, people may think that your personality lacks dimension.

As clothes can reveal so many things about you, it is important that you choose your outfits with precision. Remember that you can use your clothes as an aid to create the desired impression on others.