Wearing Splendour on Your Shoulder with Luxury Bags


What kinds of images come to mind for you when you hear the word ‘luxury’?

It’s a term that can be associated with many wonderful concepts, including opulence, expense, extravagance, and desirability. Although the word may be used to define something that we do not necessarily need in order to survive, luxury is something that we all crave in certain areas of our lives, allowing us the possibility to indulge in the pleasure of affluence and beauty. Dressing ourselves in luxurious fashion can be a great way of boosting our confidence, with designer shoes that leave us walking on sunshine and dresses that have us feeling like a million dollars. If you have recently found your chance at love by snagging the man of your dreams through MillionaireMatch.com, or are searching for luxurious love yourself, it may be time to start dressing the part.

Start With the Essentials

It may be a cliché, but whether you’re a millionaire bachelorette yourself, or the partner of a wealthy man, all girls love a quality handbag. The right bag on your arm can be the item that makes or breaks a luxurious outfit, not only providing a fantastic location to keep all of your daily (or nightly) essentials safe and close at hand, but also an opportunity to show off your fashion knowledge through the perfect accessory.

Dazzling Designers

Even if you aren't an expert in all things stylish, all you need to do is memorize a few important names on the Italian designer list, and you can be sure that you never make a fashion faux pas again, whether you’re splashing out on a new accessory, buying a gift or simply indulging in the lap of luxury with your MillionaireMatch partner. If you’re reasonably new to the prospect indulgent living, here are a few names to get you pointed in the right direction:

Gucci: You don’t need to be a expert to have heard this name before. Gucci provides high quality fashion on a global scale, with stunning Italian craftsmanship and a perfect understanding of what it means to produce stunningly crafted luxury items. Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci has made its mark in the fashion world, producing exquisite items of clothing and accessories for the fashion savvy. A good piece to watch right now is the Gucci Soft Stirrup Crocodile Bag, which retails for about $32,500.

Prada: This is another company with a particularly prestigious title, Prada is a luxury fashion house, specializing in amazing fashion accessories, ready-to-wear items of sheer elegance and beauty, as well as perfumes, shoes, watches and more. Prada arrived a little earlier than Gucci in 1913, founded by the accomplished and talented Mario Prada. A fantastic piece of arm-candy that Prada are selling right now is the Prada Ostrich Tote, which retails at around $9,600.

Fendi: From its headquarters in Rome to the most fashionable streets in the world, Fendi was founded in 1925 by Adele Casagrande, and has been producing works of art for the fashion industry ever since. Experts in luxury eyewear, fragrances, handbags and timepieces Fendi are also experts at high-class fashion, and can provide a fantastic option for people who like to walk on the wild side of style. Check out their Peekaboo Mini Fur Satchel retailing at $7,750.

Achieving Luxury

We’re all searching for something special in our lives, and there’s no shame in admitting to feeling the call of extravagance. If you feel as though the life of luxury is tailored to fit you perfectly, or you’re simply looking for someone like-minded to indulge with, www.MillionaireMatch.com could introduce you to the romance of your dreams.