6 Ways to Keep Your Snatch Smiling on the Hiking Trail


Insider tips on keeping your lady-bits in pristine condition when out in the wilderness

Whether you're a stiletto stroller who rarely leaves the city streets or a bona fide back-packin' bitch to be reckoned with, we've rounded up some insider tips on keeping your lady-bits in pristine condition when out in the wilderness!

1. Peeing Alfresco
In short? Spread your legs and work those glutes! My back-packing aficionado (and best pal!) Lauren Lasch recommends getting as close to the ground as possible. Do your best to avoid vegetation—especially something that has three leaves in a cluster. Bring your own toilet paper, but be sure to bring a plastic bag to keep the dirty tissue. Hey, "take only picture, leave only footprints!" Fellow Ravisher Aubrey stresses the importance of peeing whenever you hear nature calling—holding for too long (especially under these conditions) can lead to an infection.

2. How to #2!
Similar to peeing, except you should dig a hole first. Also important: do it away from wherever you're sleeping because A. the smell is r-a-w and not conducive to sweet dreams people. B. you don't want to attract other animals.

3. How to Clean Up Afterwards
Bring antibacterial wet wipes like Wet Ones. Make sure you're completely clean before putting your underwear back on.

4. What Kind of Underwear?
Do NOT wear cotton undies! Don synthetic materials—like nylon and polyester—or silk instead. These dry faster. Keeping things wet down there fosters a nice little home for bacteria, which is exactly what you want to avoid. Lauren's fave is the "damn good" ExOfficio brand.

5. How do You Handle Your Period?
Don't skip the trails when you're surfing the crimson wave! Unless you face health complications when on your monthly, you're good to go. Though your vagina is self-cleaning (like an oven!), things can get a bit messy. Lauren recommends using the DivaCup (a reusable cup inserted into your vag to collect your menses) because it leaves no waste and can be cleaned. Scared of a cup? Try O.B. tampons—they're small enough to pack a zillion in your bag. O.B. tampons also don't have an applicator, so they're better for the environment anyway. If you need some assistance to get them inside, put a little spit on the top of them.

6. What if I Get a Yeast Infection?
Some women are unfairly prone to them. Sorry sugars. Your best bet is to get some AZO cranberry tablets to help flush your system of bacteria. One women we spoke to encountered a bad bout of toxic shock syndrome while out romping the in woods and warns that if something really doesn't feel right, listen to your body and end your trip early. I know, it sucks, but it's better to be safe than sorry.