7 Clever and Awesome Ways to Surprise Your Man


Is your husband has been having a hard time at work and you want to take his mind off it.

Is your boyfriend's birthday next month? Or maybe your husband has been having a hard time at work and you want to take his mind off it. Whatever your reasons for planning a surprise, here are seven schemes that he won't object to in the slightest.

1: Upgrade His Entertainment System

Electronics are an expensive hobby, so he probably doesn't have everything he'd like in his home entertainment system. This is where you can come in, surprising him with a brand-new PS4 or replacing his tinny speakers with a surround sound system.

2: Buy Two Tickets To The Game

What's his favorite team? When will they play in your hometown? Splurge on a couple of really nice seats, the kind that he always dreams about but your budget never allows. Just don't be shocked if he gives you a smooch even without a kiss cam nearby!

3: Stock The Fridge

Sometimes it's the littlest gestures that say "I love you." Fill the kitchen with all his favorite foods, beers and snacks. Then ask him to fetch you something from the crisper and wait for the sounds of surprise.

4: Give Him Guy Time

Send him off to an amusement park with his best friends. Invite over his brothers for the Super Bowl before leaving for your own girl's night out. Let him replenish his testosterone without guilt for a day.

5: Fix His Truck

If you really want to blow his mind, have his trunk repaired, restored and replenished to its former glory at a place like 99 Truck Parts & Industrial Equipment who specialize in truck parts and repair. Not only will he appreciate the gesture of love and kindness, but he'll also dig his great ride for years to come.

6: Pick Up One of His Hobbies

Joy shared is joy doubled, so join him in one of his passions even if you aren't normally its biggest fan. For example, if he's into surfing, rent a board and ask for lessons. If he loves his ATV, pick up a copy of Off-Road Magazine and familiarize yourself with the terms.

7: Get A Room Feeling a little risque?

Convince your beau to stop by a nice hotel for dinner and cocktails. When you've finished your dessert, reveal the key card that you've had hidden in your pocket all along. If that doesn't surprise him, nothing will! These are just seven ways to shake things up with your man. It may be the thought that counts, but the results are what will make him smile.