Splendid Celebrity Sex Quotes


Goodness gracious, what will they say next?

It's that time of week! Friday. And you know what that means. Celebrity sex quotes! And we think that this week, Usher takes the big prize.

"Kim Kardashian looked beautiful at her wedding but after seeing her butt in a white dress, Pippa Middleton's ass has filed for unemployment" - Joan Rivers on Twitter
"I am more attracted to Taylor Kitsh playing gay than to Riggins and that is my cross to bear" - Lena Dunham on Twitter
"I wrote myself a sealed note yrs ago today. I opened it moments ago - it read, 'Reminder: You need milk, eggs and to have sex.' 3 for 3!" - Dane Cook on Twitter
"You guys kept up your end of the bargain, and now I guess I have to do my part So, what would you like for breakfast? I prefer Tuscan eggs." - Usher in an Instagram video cooking in nothing but his briefs.
"u know I'll be savin my love for u" - Ariana Grande on Twitter