Picture Not So Perfect: This Selfie Got Two Thieves Caught

man lying on the grass taking selfie

See the selfie that got them caught.

It seems like there is one upside to everyone's obsession with taking selfies. The ones who steal tend to get caught because of it! That's right, even though we have seen stories before of young people getting caught after taking selfies with their loot after a stealing spree and then posting it all on Facebook, dumb criminals still haven't learned. The latest example of this terrible phenomenon took place in New York City.

Khayyam Alexander, 16 and Fehti Nekrouf, 18 allegedly took a 14-year-old's cell phone at a music venue. In order to brag or taunt their victim they decided to take a selfie of their faces with the phone and then send it to the victim's mother. Yes, you read that right. They really saved everyone from doing any detective work on where the cellphone was by just handing over their faces.

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