Fish Or Chicken? Couple Chooses Fish, Gets Married Underwater


There's a Little Mermaid joke in here, somewhere.

You would have to be crazy not to accept a prize of having your nuptials in Crete, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.  To do it underwater? That's another story.

After taking a one-day crash course in scuba diving, 28-year-olds Renat Adykov and Maria Obryvalina recently became man and wife seven meters below the Libyan Sea, just off the coast of Crete.  Considering that it took half a year for Renat to even get Maria's attention, and then another half for him to get a kiss, the couple displayed a great deal of impulsivity in traveling almost 1000 miles from their hometown of Saransk, Russia to get married underwater.

Despite the obvious differences between conventional weddings and this one (such as a guest list consisting mostly of fish) the couple did everything they could to include societally-established rituals.  Their 20-minute underwater ceremony included plastic cue cards printed with sentimental vows, more cue cards with "Da!" printed on them (exclaiming "yes!" in Russian in response to taking the other as a lawfully wedded spouse), and even a dainty white veil trailing behind Maria's wet suit.

Prior to taking the plunge, the couple had a short on-shore ceremony on a beautiful bay proximal to the Kalypso Dive Center, the hosts of Crete's first underwater wedding.

Renat and Maria have returned to Russia, where they are settling back into their jobs and preparing for the next stage of their lives – children (they are hoping for a boy and girl).  Getting married underwater was probably the most adventurous thing the two have ever done, but considering the strength of their love, they don't think that the exceptionality of their nuptials went overboard (so to speak).