Holding Out for a Better Partner


Should you settle for somebody less perfect, or hold out until you meet a more fitting partner?

Should you settle for somebody less perfect, or is it better to hold out until you meet a more fitting partner? This is a question that “haunts” many of us at some time or another during a relationship. What is the “right” way to handle this issue?


Several people believe that there are certain rules that come into play when we are in a relationship, but that is not entirely the case. We need to look out for ourselves when we find ourselves in a relationship. Do not misunderstand – this does not mean you have to be self-centered as a partner and neglect your partner’s feelings and needs, but it does mean that you have to be 110% sure that your current partner is the one you can, and want to spend the rest of your life on earth with!


When we discard the so-called “rules” of a relationship and observe what happens in the majority of them, we will find that the same patterns occur repeatedly. Men fail to call after sex, women prefer lying about their age, a successful and smart woman find it hard to come across an equal partner, and an attractive guy with money is only happy with a 10. Observations like the aforementioned will be a sensitive issue for a number of people, but only because they recognize it is the truth.


Lying To Yourself Is Hurtful


How many friends and family do you know who are in an unhappy relationship? If you claim that you do not, then you are definitely not prepared to admit the obvious truth. You only have to be familiar with the latest divorce stats to know that more couples are miserable than happy nowadays. What is more troubling is that numerous couples continue with their current discontented relationship, but all they are doing is lying to themselves, as well as their partners.


Being untruthful about how you really feel about your partner and your relationship as a whole is hurting you, your partner, and the direction the relationship is ultimately heading. It is because of this distressing issue that it makes a lot more sense to hold out until you finally come across a partner that makes you whole, loves you without condition, knows what exactly makes you happy, who is aware of all your thoughts and most inner feelings, and most importantly, someone who truly wants to spend his or her entire life with you. Hooking up with someone that is clearly not suited for you just for the sake of being in a relationship makes little sense, especially when there is a good chance that it could end in disaster.


You are Worthy of a Great Partner


We are all worthy of being in a great eternal relationship with a perfect partner. It is only our own illusions of what our worthiness are, which originates in our mind and convinces us that we should settle for somebody less than ideal. When you can persuade yourself that you are in fact worthy, then you will stop settling for second or third best. Yes, it is always easier said than done!


It is critical that you realize your own value first. A low self-worth is typically going to land you only one type of relationship throughout your life, and that is a very sorrowful one. You hold the key to your own happiness in a relationship, and nobody else. Careful decision-making plays a significant role.


Experience Helps with Choosing the Perfect Partner


It is true that you are not going to find the perfect partner overnight. You need experience and the only way to gain sufficient experience and understanding exactly what type of person makes you truly happy is to meet as many people as possible. Socializing with various like-minded individuals goes a long way in knowing what your ideal love partner should be like – physically and emotionally.


Today, people do not only go to parks, ball games, clubs, sports bars, the movies, or the mall to meet new people. They spend an awful lot of time on the Internet where millions of people from all over the world meet new friends, and even love interests. The choice of different people is furthermore so much wider compared to your local surroundings at home and work.


Venture online and spread your wings. Be adventurous and get to know what type of person really excites you and brings true happiness into your life. Open an account at reliable sites, such as Tagged, Google +, MillionaireMatch.com, MySpace, and Facebook. If you initially prefer friendship only, then Facebook or Google + is the place for you, but to meet a serious partner and elite individuals, you should opt for MillionaireMatch.com.


Meet various people with diverse interests, different backgrounds, as well as people who differ from one another physically. Soon, you will start to realize exactly who you are emotionally and physically attracted to the most. You will know who you are meant to be with for the rest of your life, which is all every person long for in the end.