It's Science: The Feature That'll Get You Dates — And A Promotion

woman smiling

What feature can boost your love life — and your career?

According to Daily Mail, your beam is more important than you may have thought. 

Dr. Peter Collett, a psychologist at Oxford, told the news outlet that even the slightest adjustment to your smile can totally change how you're perceived.

The Duchenne smile, which is a 'full' smile named after a 19th century anatomist who generated a major study of the muscles involved in facial expression, indicates that someone is genuine. Dr. Collett says that it's a "clever way of getting people to share one's positive feelings."

"When someone tilts their head back slightly and opens their mouth wide, they look they are laughing rather than smiling," Dr. Collett said. "Because laughter is so contagious, those of us who see someone doing this are much more likely to be affected by the display and to feel that we share their positive emotions."

Want to seem more powerful? Keep those eyebrows level while smiling during job interviews and important meetings.

And if you're going for the sexy/flirty impression? Just lower your head slightly when you smile. Those who do so seem more seductive.

"Unconsciously, this gives the impression that they're shorter than they really are and that they're looking up towards the person they're addressing," Dr. Collett said. "This, coupled with the suggestion of embarrassment, makes the 'look-up' smile especially flirtatious, which explains why it's favored by women when they're dealing with impressionable men."

An asymmetrical smile, which looks wry, can suggest that you know something — like a secret! Oooh, so mysterious.

A fascinating study by Wrigley's Extra White Bubblemint found that a little over half of women (67 percent) believe a smile to be the most appealing trait in a man whom they're meeting for the first time. As for men, 62 percent believe that a smile is more important than a woman's chest, bottom or legs.

So next time you're feeling self-conscious about your body (which you shouldn't, ever!), focus on perfecting your grin. Insta-happiness.