Dating Or In A Relationship? Don't Break These 4 Facebook Rules

man looking shocked by his laptop

What do your pictures really say about you?

You've probably have been meeting people in real life and you hit it off so well with them that you added them on Facebook. Great! What isn't great, however is after adding this person on Facebook things change for the worse. He or she doesn't seem that interested anymore or has a few pressing questions.

What went wrong? Well, it's probably that you have been breaking these four rules, and sent them running for the hills! Luckily on A New Mode, they have broken down the dos and don'ts of how to maintain your Facebook profile while dating.

What do your pictures really say about you? Think about those more risky photos of you tagged from that drunken night out with the girls. Yeah those. Also are you friending these guys at the right time?

Find out the answer to your questions here: The "Rules" of Facebook for Dating & Relationships