5 Signs He's Definitely Mr. Wrong

couple disagree

Don't be fooled by the good stuff. Here's how to recognize he isn't right.

All you need is love, right? Actually ... wrong. Sometimes two people simply aren't right, even if they love each other. It's entirely difficult to recognize when a relationship has gone sour, but it's important nonetheless. Understand the red flags early on to avoid unnecessary pain down the road. 

Here are five signs he's not your Mr. Right

1. You Don't Trust Him

Trust, quite simply, is the foundation of a good relationship. If you don't have trust, then you don't have a real relationship. In a stable relationship, you should feel at peace, not distrusting, envious or uneasy. You should feel secure, not constantly nervous that something will go awry!

If you're in constant disbelief of what he tells you, something is definitely wrong. You should be able to believe that he's telling you the truth; if you don't, why wear yourself out trying to figure out what the truth actually is?

Maybe there's a reason you don't trust him — maybe he cheated, or maybe he has a habit of lying. Or maybe it's just a gut feeling. No matter the reason, though, not being able to trust your guy is a serious issue. 

If he has cheated or lied to you in the past, you need to make a decision. Is the relationship worth it? Can you move past it? Are you sure he won't do it again? If the answers to any of these are no, then what's the point? Save yourself the futile suffering.

If you really can't figure out just why you don't trust him, go with your instinct. Just remember, if it's your own insecurities causing the trouble (i.e., you've been cheated on in the past), don't make him pay for it. 

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