Creeper Alert: Why Was This Drunk Woman Chasing Strangers' Kids?

woman chasing a kid in a park

Wait until you see her mug shot.

Some people go nuts over other people's kids — and we always need those people. After all, if we didn't have these people who will babysit or work in childcare?

But when these people get drunk, bad things happen. Some like to think that drinking just brings out your inner most thoughts so it's very possible that this drunk woman's response would be natural to anyone who just really loves kids. Too bad her excitement got her arrested.

In Florida, a woman was arrested for disorderly intoxication on Tuesday. Parents complained to the police that she was chasing their children along Pompano Beach. This chasing wasn't the kind that would end in a violent or harmful way, however. A witness told NBC Miami that she was chasing the kids in order to kiss them!

I'm sure in her drunk mind she thought she was just being friendly, but she could have gotten slapped with battery charges. The parents decided not to go through with pressing charges. The greatest part of the story is of course the mug shot. Take a look at the happy, scared and confused facial expression this woman gives on The Huffington Post Weird News.

Find the mug shot at Huffington Post Weird News: Drunk Woman Allegedly Chased Children Along Beach To Kiss Them