Teacher Fired After Polling Her Fourth Graders For Dating Advice


Maybe not the best career move.

Actress and substitute teacher Cassandra Fiering could probably have used better judgment when she consulted with her class of nine-year-olds about her love life. Caught up between two boyfriends, Fiering turned to her "munchkins" for advice. The kids responded eagerly. Fiering told dnainfo.com, "The kids were saying, 'Oh, we're your counselor. They were excited to have me listen to their advice … They were saying all kinds of things, trying to help me because this guy was being a jerk to me. It was also G-rated. I certainly wasn't talking about sex or anything."

When Fiering's actions came to light in December 2013, the Department of Education terminated her position with the Bronx school where she had been subbing.

Fiering admitted that she shouldn't have disclosed personal, romantic information to her students, but is appealing her termination. As she said to dnainfo.com, "I crossed the line I shouldn't have. [But] considering everything else, why couldn't they say, 'Be careful about that?'". She has a fair point.

Fiering has since broken off her relationships with both men.

Remember boys and girls, always think twice before getting too personal, especially when kids are involved.