This Woman Is Fighting For Her Right To Have A Sex Toy

Melissa Davenport

Find out which city currently has a ban on sex toys.

Not everyone views sex toys the same way. Some think they're great for masturbation, or a great way to switch things up with a sex partner. Others think that sex toys are disgusting and shouldn't be used at all. Well, it turns out that a city in the United States actually has a ban on sex toys, and one woman is determined to make this ban go away.

It's a pretty brave thing to do. Although sex toys have come a long way due to a growing demand, it's still somewhat taboo to talk about masturbating. Then again, it's very taboo for a woman to talk about wanting to masturbate and use them.

Melissa Davenport is doing just that however to fight for her right to buy a sex toy in a US city. Find out about the lawsuit she filed, and why exactly the city decided to ban the toys on Huffington Post Weird News.

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