What Do We Know About Kim Kardashian's Wedding Dress?


Vera? Balmain? A Kanye-assisted design? What's the story with Kim Kardashian's wedding dress?


OMG, you guys! What is Kim Kardashian's wedding dress going to look like?!

Prior to being (almost) wifed up by Kanye West, our gal Kimmy was not considered high fashion. He has enjoyed a much wider acceptance in the couture world and is regarded as a style influencer — and that has opened doors for her amongst the fashion intelligentsia. Despite the fact that Kanye's longtime love can be found hawking threads at Sears, a place where you buy appliances and tools moreso than clothes, with her sisters, millions of people and fashion watchers are dying to know what and who Kimmy will wear on her third big day. Her dress is the biggest point of curiosity pertaining to the reality star's upcoming May 24 nuptials to the rapper. 

Kardashian, who was previously wed to Damon Thomas and to Kris Humphries, is not known for keeping things simple, so we expect her dress to be maaaaj! What she wears is of paramount importance in the fashion world and may inspire thousands of mass market copycats.

Kim did, after all, just nab her first Vogue cover, looking lovely in a cream-hued, strapless and wedding-appropriate gown, complete with supremely smoky eyes and her fiance as an accessory. Even if you hated Anna Wintour's decision to put her on the cover, the reality queen did look lovely and she has to follow up that style with something utterly bangin'.

So here's what we know — or what we think we know — so far about the Kimye frock. 


Kanye, who is well-respected in the high fashion world, is supposedly helping to design his missus-to-be's frock. A source said, "I do know Kanye is playing a big part in the design so it won't be like most people's weddings where the groom doesn't see the dress until the wedding day; he's seeing it all along the way." Remember when Kanye talked about having the initial idea for leather sweatpants? Maybe he might wear a pair for his trip down the aisle? Okay, probably not!


She may wear three dresses ... again. She wore three Vera Wang designs for her debacle with Humphries and word is that she wants to make a "huge, chic fashion statement." She was seen at Balmain in Paris, so maybe that was a fitting? Whatever the case and whoever the designer, Kimmy will be decked out in something fabulously luxe. Yeezy wouldn't allow for anything less.


No one has seen her wedding dress in advance. Any images of her purported dresses that were online were faked or have been Photoshopped. She tweeted as much. She almost doesn't look real in this photo, either, thanks to the layers of bronzer and light-reflecting shimmer.


Kim's dress is not a crayon sketched piece. She and West were lampooned on Waking Up With Kimye on SNL's season finale this past weekend, with 'Ye bragging that Kim designed her own gown. When asked to show her handiwork, she produced a sloppy sketch worthy of a kindergartener. One thing is for sure. Her better-than-J-Lo's badonkadonk, pictured below, will look good no matter what fabric she drapes it in.