Tips To Be Better In Bed

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There are a number of good sex tips for you to contemplate in order to be better in bed

Somehow it is engrained in the male ego that we are indeed an Adonis in bed and that the grabbing of the sheets and those cries of delight from our women are absolutely real and genuine. However, if someone was to quiz your spouse in a private interview, you may be surprised at the results and the truth can often hurt a lot! “What! You’ve been faking!” This is probably what you’ll be yelling from the top of your lungs. However, don’t lose your mind. All is not lost, my friend. We’ll show her! Read on. There are a number of good sex tips for you to contemplate in order to be better in bed and even if you do think that you are pretty good, there’s always room for improvement. Try and look at it from the angle that you are improving yourself for long term results. She’ll definitely love it which can only be a good thing.

The first tip is to ignore all of those porn movies you have been secretly watching online and believing that all of those guys are able to last for hours. This is not the case. The hidden secret in these movies is called…drums rolls please….editing! Yes…the most important person in the porn movie industry is the editor. The truth is that these so-called stars only last between five and ten minutes and the editor cut and piece the different scenes together to make it appear as if the sex scenes go on forever. So stop stressing out and start learning how to relax. You stand a better chance of both you having a great time in bed, on the kitchen counter, in the back seat of your Mustang or wherever you choose to get a little nookie. Once you accept the fact that you are just as good as anyone else, you’ll be in the right frame of mind to improve your performance time and finally learn how to last longer in bed.

The second tip is to learn more about yourself and your body which means you need to start to really understand about your “point of no return” and how to control it. By knowing this, you will be able to have longer and hotter sex than before so use this time to pause and change things around with regards to positioning. This means you need to be able to pull back from ejaculation therefore adding more enjoyment for you and your lover. Now, here’s a trick! The best way to train your body is to work on mastering your masturbation when you are alone with your “favorite online movie” or magazine. Train yourself to hold it and ejaculate only after a certain length of time

. The third tip is try not to be a wild man and thrust your penis in and out of her vagina like a neanderthal. Instead only go in half way…just a couple of inches near the entrance of her vagina. This area is actually where she feels the most pleasure and sensations. By doing short thrusting pumps for about 15 to 30 minutes, you will get an incredible response from her. This proves that size does not really matter as much as you think. Knowledge and how you use your penis are the secret keys.

A fourth sex tip for you to consider is to allow her to be on top. This position gives you less intense feelings in your penis and this will allow you to last much longer before your volcano erupts. Try and convince her to go slow and steady instead of fast and fury. The slower motion is more romantic for both of you and you will be amaze at how long you will be able to endure.

Finally, be passionate and loving towards her during sex and this hopefully will enable her to achieve an orgasm first! This will definitely take away the pressure from you to perform to her satisfaction. This stress is something that actually leads to a large percentage of cases of premature ejaculation. Another technique to use during sex is to think of a song, a work project you have to finish or anything to temporary drift your mind away from reality. This will help you relax, enjoy and “drill” her longer than you ever done before.

These 5 helpful sex tips are designed to help you be better in bed. Some men have had great success by altering the techniques to fit their style while others have used them as listed above. Self-control and understanding your body are going to be your keys to success. It is perhaps best to therefore end up saying that, when it comes to this, practice does indeed make perfect but you need a willing partner to really work on perfecting your newly discovered techniques.