Flash Mobs Spreads Love To Cancer Patients And Their Families


A simple act, turned into something incredible.

Fun fact: The Love Flash Mob was created by Glennon Doyle Melton to raise money that will be distributed to the families of five women who were diagnosed with cancer.

Doesn't that just warm your heart?

As of right now, the viral social media campaign has raised an incrediable $162,952.53, according to Glennon's website, Momastry.

Melton sees the flash mob as a simple metaphor for life. "It's like everyone wants to be free and dance and do their thing, but it takes one crazy fool to stand up and do it and then people just start joining in. It becomes this big, beautiful expression of love. That's the same thing these Love Flash Mobs are all about," she told Today.com.

What an incredible way to turn something fun into something meaningful.

Melton's efforts are much appreciated by the families who are benefiting from the money that is raised. The donations will be used towards a variety of things including mortgage payments, financial assistance for families who lost their loved ones due to cancer, and to pay for treatments. One family will be using the money for a final vacation with their beloved patient, as she has come to her final days.

And to Ms. Melton? Much love and respect, lady!