20 Ways To Be A Supportive Friend On Your BFF's Wedding Day

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Don't cross these lines on the big day.

This is a safe place. You can admit that sometimes it's hard to be supportive of your friend. A lot of people focus on the stress weddings causes the bride and family, but now people are realizing that this big event is tough on the guests and friends as well. With movies like Bridesmaids and Bachelorette, we get to see how a good friend embarking on a new journey in her life can make someone go crazy. It can make you panic about losing a good friend that has been there through the ups and downs, and then inadvertently ruin their wedding events!

In order to NOT be that girl, Essence has gathered 20 ways for you to not ruin your friend's wedding.

Find out which lines not to cross and how to have a good time on your BFF's big day.

Find out what the 20 ways are here: 20 Ways to Not Ruin Your Friend's Wedding