Is It a Good Idea to Share Your Love Life?


Could it hurt a relationship to share everything that happens in a love relationship?

A variety of people love to discuss their intimate affairs and especially their love and sex lives with close friends and even family. Some cannot help it to blurt out their intimacies to colleagues and at times, to strangers! Those who share a close bond with a group of valued friends would usually limit their sharing-sessions to these friends alone. It is the ones without any close friends that seek out the attention of family members or strangers and they typically cannot get enough.


Although several professional therapists recommend trusting your friends with your personal secrets, largely because they offer support, perspective, validation, and information that you could take back and utilize in your relationship, is a good thing, it is not necessary to let it all out. Being selective with what you share with friends or trusted people is crucial. If you have to talk to someone about your personal issues and love life, choose people without any agendas of their own and make sure you can trust them.


What follows hereafter are certain frequent topics that come up in discussions between friends, male and female, which include the pros and cons of talking about them with these individuals:


1.  Wondering if your partner is “The One”


In most cases, it is women that cannot resist the temptation to run this topic by their circle of friends, but some men too. Certain professionals say it is a good idea, especially when you find yourself close to full commitment in the relationship. The spillover effects, according to these professionals, could be great for both you and your partner. It could strengthen your friendship within the relationship.


On the other hand, if you choose to discuss serious matters of this nature with individuals that cannot be trusted or people with an agenda of their own, you could end up with a more complicated situation. Their comments and input could confuse you and distort the truth regarding your other half, for example.


2.  Your remarkable sex life


This is a favorite topic for many, which boosts the ego like nothing else! Telling your friends about your remarkable sex life is something that men and women cannot resist. The positive side to this is that you often bring the good feeling it gives you to share these intimate details back to the bedroom, which benefits your relationship. Avoid being arrogant about your sex life and making your friends feel bad, and do not allow them to comment too much. It is imperative to ensure that your partner has no problem with you talking to friends about your sex life.


3.  You are attracted to another person while married


Nowadays it is easy to meet people, especially online. Places like Facebook, (the best place to interact with elite and important people – is a significant social site for thousands of influential people!), and Google+ offer access to men and women of all ages and from across the world. It is therefore possible that you are attracted to someone you met online. Sharing this type of delicate information requires a friend or family member that you could trust completely.


Sharing this intimate detail to someone who might tell others and cannot respect the trust you put in her or his friendship is not ideal. Having a crush on somebody else cannot be compared to having a full-blooded affair. A level-headed friend or close family member will remind you of this. In most cases, especially if you do not have someone you could trust with such a secret, it is best to keep it to yourself in deal with the issue accordingly. If your partner gets hold of this information through someone you thought you could trust, it can cause major trouble in your relationship.


4.  You believe that your partner is cheating


Suspicions like this can drive you insane. Venting to a close friend often helps and he or she can offer a different perspective. In case your suspicions are correct, a friend could offer support in a very difficult time. Again, it is vital that you share this sort of detail only with a friend that you are certain will not tell anybody else. If it gets back to your partner and your suspicions were incorrect, you will find yourself in a tricky situation.


5.  You are unsure if you should leave your partner


If you are the type of person who struggle to make important decisions regarding a relationship, for instance, it is habitually better that you find comfort and support in a friend. If you do decide to share this personal struggle with a friend, make sure that you tell the entire story. Do not continually complain about your partner, because it will cloud the judgment of your friend. If he or she has the full story, he or she can present you with better advice.