Top Restaurants with a Spectacular View


Delicious food, breathtaking landscape

As every patron knows, the quality of food can only take a restaurant so far. Chipping paint and flickering lights can leave as bad an aftertaste as a poorly prepared meal. That being said a beautiful view can change a meal into an evening and a date into a dream. According to a survey performed by MillionaireMatch, here are the world’s top four restaurants for romance: Breeze (Bali), Top of the World (Las Vegas), Ithaa Undersea (Maldives) and Strofi (Athens). They meet all requirements of ambiance, service and absolutely amazing dishes that will take your evening to the next level, but what you will remember most about them is the spectacular view.

Breeze, Bali

Beauty is not hard to come by on the island of Bali. After all, it is what the small Indonesian island is known for. However, the coast city of Seminyak offers a particularly exquisite dining choice - Breeze. A restaurant set along the shore of the Indian Ocean, Breeze is known for its superb, authentic Indonesian cuisine and view that can only be described as breath-taking. Watching as the sun turns the sky into layer upon layer of deep purple and lavender tones is the perfect way to capture the magnificence that the island has to offer.

Top of the world, Las Vegas

In the desert City of Las Vegas the overwhelming decadence of the strip can make deciding where to dine a difficult decision. The answer, though, might just be above it. 800 feet into the sky, the Top of the World restaurant overlooks the entirety of the Strip and all of its wonders. Whether you choose to feast in the daytime, taking in the gorgeous landscape, or watch as it comes alive in the night, you will be dining in style. What better way to impress your MillionaireMatch date?

Ithaa Undersea, Maldives

For the most incredible view of the Rengali islands, one must go beneath the Indian Ocean. There lies the Ithaa Undersea. Completely entrenched in the water, this particular restaurant provides diners with a stunningly beautiful and unique sight of the belly of the ocean and all its splendor through clear glass windows on every side. Eat alongside the ocean is a lifetime experience! The underwater dining adventure and the exciting ambiance will make every meal at Ithaa Undersea in the Rengali islands a special event.

Strofi, Athens, Greece

Being in one of the most historical cities in the world, the Strofi restaurant has an incredible amount of potential to have one of the most unbelievable views of any eatery. Besides having a great outlook on the spectacular city of Athens, it is built so that the Acropolis is visible from both the rooftop and indoor seating. The remarkable Greek cuisine is just icing on the cake of this inconceivably perfect experience the you can live solely at Strofi.

Amazing urban panorama over Sin City’s worldwide famous landmarks, rooftop view of the Acropolis, underwater seating or tropical beach landscape… The choice is yours! One thing is sure: both the setting and the dishes will satisfy your exquisite taste.