Young Love Can Make You Less Neurotic? Um, Sign Me Up


Huh. This answers a lot of questions about some of us.

Okay, first off, did you know that 'young love' technically encompasses loving relationships from ages 18-30? Well you do now.  And did you also know that according to a new scientific study that the feeling of being in love is actually a 'measurable psychological occurrence'? Combine these two, and you've got a cure for neuroticism.

The aforementioned study was published in the Journal of Personality and it states that being in 'young love' can influence positive personality development, which results in a decrease in neuroticism.

Uh, yay!

According to Dr. Christine Finn, one of the study's lead authors, "Neurotic people are rather anxious, insecure, and easily annoyed. They have a tendency towards depression, often show low self-esteem and tend to be generally dissatisfied with their lives." However, once these people become romantically involved in a relationship, their personality and mood stabilizes.

The study interviewed 245 couples for nine months to evaluate their degree of neuroticism as well as their relationship satisfaction. The researchers then evaluated their every day life situations.

The findings showed that neurotic people interpret vague stimuli negatively and have stronger reactions to the negative stimuli. Fortunately, this tendency decreased over time when they were involved in a romantic relationship.

The moral of the story? Fall in love when you are young. It'll reduce your chances of becoming a neurotic basket case (like one of your humble authors … we'll let you guess which one).