Mother Stands Up To Protest Catholic School's Anti-LGBT Contract


It's on, y'all.

Molly Schumate is standing up for her boy, and it is coming at the sake of her career. But this is a price Ms. Schumate is willing to pay, if it means supporting her son. You see, Ms. Schumate's son Zachary, 22, is gay, and his mother, a Catholic school teacher, has been asked to sign a new kind of employment contract for the coming year. The difference from all of her previous contracts confirming her employment is that this year's carries a "morality clause" that forbids any staff members from publically supporting homosexuality.

School Superintendent Jim Rigg was quick to defend the clause, claiming that teachers who sign the contract will not be asked to disown their LGBT loved ones, but some people, like Molly Schumate, don't see it that way. "In my eyes there is nothing wrong with my son. This is what God gave me and what God created and someone I should never be asked to not support," she told Cincinnati.com. 

So, Ms. Schumate is resigning in protest. She won't let anyone tell her how to behave, and certainly won't allow anyone to stop her from celebrating who her son is.

This contract has sparked outrage across Cincinnati, leading to a public protest and no less than 12 billboards around the area speaking out against the contract (see one below, courtesy of Molly Schumate's Facebook page).

Zachary Schumate is incredibly proud of his mother, stating to Cincinnati.com, "It's hard to put into words how proud I am of her. For her to step into the public eye like this and go against the (church) … because she has a gay son speaks volumes about the kind of person she is."

Indeed it does.