See Photos Of Bette Midler's Gorgeous Upper East Side Apartment!

Bette Midler

This NYC pad is the wind beneath our wings.

Bette Midler does it all: She sings, she dances, she acts, she gives back. And she has one heck of a home to show for it!

The legendary "Bathhouse Bette" siren's home in the Upper East Side of New York City was a steal. She revealed to Architectural Digest that she paid $3.5 million for the triplex in 1996, but it's now worth a lot more than that.

Midler, who's been married to husband Martin von Haselberg for 30 years, says that living in New York City in less fortunate circumstances growing up and starting out is what influenced her green, well-lit, heavily-windowed dream home.

"If you live in the kind of apartment that most people do, you'd want to go sit on a park bench too. I lived that way for years when I moved to New York," she said. "People suffer from the lack of light in this town, there aren't enough windows."

She has a glass-encased garden, a series of amazing terraces, influenced by English country homes. Midler also revealed that her husband, as well as her parents, influenced her eclectic style both inside and outside of the 12-room home.

She gushed, "My mother was a great seamstress, really brilliant, because of her I've been crazy about textiles all my life. And my father painted houses for a living. I grew up around people who worked with their hands, so I love how you can see the care and affection that craftsmen pour into their creations." She added that her husband created and chose most of the artwork in their household, calling them "really juicy paintings."

Midler, who's starred in movies, on Broadway and on tour, explained of her various room styles, "For me, working in many media, it's hard to just do one thing. I don't make a study of anything -- if I fall in love with something, I want it."

Midler's outdoor areas overlook the Central Park reservoir in New York City

Architectural Digest

Midler makes sure her outdoor areas aren't just scenic, but also really comfortable and homey

Architectural Digest

Of course, the legendary diva's indoor furnishings are to die for as well -- and with lots of light and windows

Architectural Digest