Donald Sterling Drama: V. Stiviano May Be Charged With Extortion

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Did V. Stiviano try extorting money out of Donald Sterling? Get the details!

When the news about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, his alleged mistress V. Stiviano and his racist rants went public, a lot of questions came up: Why is an old white bigot the owner of an NBA team populated by mostly African American players? (Hint: Think of "plantation-slave" relationships.) Why is a young, half-Mexican half-African American woman associated with a married old bigot? (Hint: Think of "cash register sounds.")

The biggest question yet: Why did Donald Sterling consent to being recorded?

Oh, right. He probably didn't.

Reports surfaced that V. Stiviano may not have had Sterling's permission to record their conversations, which is illegal in the state of California.

Stiviano is now under investigation for allegedly keeping over 100 hours of recorded phone calls between herself and Sterling under wraps. What's more, TMZ notes that when Sterling reportedly called Stiviano after the recordings leaked and asked, "How can we make this go away," that the call was actually initiated by Stiviano.

This isn't the only legal drama Stiviano faces. Sterling's wife, Rochelle (Shelly) Sterling, is suing Stiviano for $2.5 million that Rochelle alleges Donald spent on the surgically-enhanced Stiviano out of their community funds.

Further, Shelly may snag ownership of the team from her husband, whose bigoted banter earned him a lifetime ban from the NBA. Rochelle released a statement saying, "I have been co-owner since 1981. During those 33 years, I have been a diehard fan even when the team was in the basement of the league. Now that all of our hard work is paying off, I want to celebrate the success that we are finally achieving."

It's sad that only bad press could make the Clippers successful. Silver lining?